Friday, September 2, 2016

Let me be rejected let me be unseen,
Let me not be understood let me get a heartbreak.
Let me feel some intense feelings of the world,
Betrayal, pain, setbacks & a heartbreak.
Let us not scream when we met a heartbreak,
Let us play mute when we met a heartbreak.
For no one is happy, no one is at peace,
So lets not be hurt if we too met a heartbreak.
Let us not be hopefull let us not expect,
anything from anyone but a heartbreak.
Broken is a sign broken means u tried,
so let us not stop till we get a heartbreak.
Blessings & prayers & hopes & dreams,
Let these all end up in a heartbreak.
Understand my longing for one real thing,
That feeling of loneliness after a heartbreak.
Let me not die for death won't be ultimate,
Grant my last wish,make me witness a heartbreak.